Room For Hope: Confronting Homelessness in Omaha

2,000 persons in Omaha are homeless. The average age of the homeless person is 9.

  • 15% of Omaha children live in poverty.
  • Among the 100 major metropolitan areas in the US, Omaha has the third highest rate of black poverty.
  • Omaha ranks number 1 in the country in the percentage of African American children living in poverty – six out of ten African American children  in Omaha live under the federal poverty line.

These are just a few of the statistics that reveal the stark reality of poverty in Omaha.  At First Christian Church, We believe that as people of faith, we are called to work with and learn from these, our neighbors, until all have a safe, warm home and enough to eat. We cannot do this alone, however, as contributing systems of poverty cut across all faith traditions, races, and communities. This year, we will also feature a partnership with the Poverty Initiative of the National Council of Churches – including having the General Secretary, Dr. Michael Kinnamon, as both guest preacher on Sunday morning, October 3rd, and guest speaker later that afternoon.

We invite the people of Omaha to join us in a variety of worship, education, and action experiences to make Room for Hope in our Community.

There are 3 types of opportunities involved.  Please visit each page to learn more.

Room For Hope @ FCC: Sunday Worships @ First Christian, September 19, 26 & October 3.  FCC is located at 6630 Dodge Street, Omaha NE.

Room For Action: Saturday, October 2 – sign up to partner with 13 different Omaha agencies.

Room For Conversation: Sunday, October 3 – 4:00-6:45 p.m.. Share your Room for Action Experience with others.  Guest Speaker, Dr. Michael Kinnamon (General Secretary of the National Council of Churches) addresses local and national ways to faithfully alleviate poverty, then dinner, conversation with one another.  Conclude in an interfaith worship led by Siena/Francis House

To Sign up for our Room For Action Day, please email

Please include name, email, and phone contact information (all information will be kept private).

NEWS! Click here to read a press release from the National Council of Churches about Room for Hope!

First Christian Church of Omaha is a loving community where all are free to believe, belong, become.  Through worship, education, and action, we strive to make sense of real life, connecting the wisdom of the scriptures to the problems of today.  If you are interested in knowing more about us, please visit the About FCC Omaha page, or our website.



  1. This is an important seminar. I plan to attend.

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